We are a new media company of passionate, driven, loyal artists dedicated to creating the highest quality material. We are intensely focused on care.  Whether you're in need of concept development, a highly competent crew to execute a shoot, manage any aspect of post production, or all three, we have you covered. Being small and nimble, we are uniquely positioned to cater to the needs of all types of projects, offering competitive rates that are designed to work within your budget. We care about you and your vision. Do yourself a favor and relax.  Let us do the heavy lifting and watch your vision come to life!



  • Producing

  • Directing

  • Cinematography/Camera Operating

  • G&E

  • Production Sound

  • DIT 



Editorial and Color Correction

  • Avid, Adobe and Resolve based workflows for unscripted, scripted, feature and web productions.

  • Available to work remotely.


“SuperCine is the definition of what care is. Whilst working with them on my horror film,  SuperCine truly recognizes your wants and needs in the most truest and detailed form. Without hesitation, they really know what you want and accommate to your needs in a very professional manner. A lot of post production services tend to disregard certain aspects of your needs, but not SuperCine. They will go out of their way just to make your vision work. Jordan is the most humblest and sympathetic professionals to work with in the industry, and I will definitely work with him and the rest of SuperCine from here on.”  - Raymond Gerard Braza, Writer/Producer/Director

"Supercine is one of the best companies I have ever worked with! They immediately grasped my ideas for my videos and made them come to life. Jordan and Chris are some of the most genuine guys, and doing business with them is a breeze! Can't wait for our next project together!" - Lindsey Watkins, CFO, Planties Co

"I hired Jordan pretty last minute, but even so, he was so prepared, smart, kind and such a huge help on set. His suggestions were fantastic and clever, and he knows his stuff backwards and forwards. He always took my direction graciously, and I would not hesitate to recommend him. He's amazing, and we plan to work together again in the near future. He was not only my DP, but someone I could rely on, on and off set during my production." - Elyssa Hofelt, Writer/Director

"Working as a lead actor in a couple films of Jordan’s was an incredible experience. I grew and learned a lot from him. The knowledge and passion he has for this business and his craft is commendable. He carries himself with pure professionalism on and off set. Working with many high-profile directors and production companies I can confidently say he is second to no one! I’m excited to see where his career goes with it already taking off. I could only hope to have the pleasure of working with Jordan again." - James Achille, Model/Actor

“As an artist releasing my debut music video, I was looking for a highly skilled team to direct it and collaborate with me in finding a clear vision of what the final product would look like. When ultimately deciding on someone to direct/produce my music video, Jordan was at the top of my list because of his impressive work on previous films, his dedication to understanding my vision, his presenting of new ideas to create the best final product possible, and his willingness to answer any questions or concerns I had throughout the whole process. Jordan and his crew were extremely personable, which made the whole experience fun and stress free. Once we began post, Jordan let me know a deadline in which I could expect the complete, edited video and he kept to that deadline. Upon viewing the final product I was blown away by the quality. Overall, I was extremely impressed with Jordan and his team and would easily recommend them to anybody looking for a highly skilled, professional services to make their videos come to life.” - Alyssa Campbell, Singer/Songwriter