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SuperCine® Network For Emerging Filmmakers consists of an exclusive team of creators with various skills pertaining to video/film production and post production. The network acts as an outlet for aspiring and up and coming filmmakers and creators to collaborate with others who have a shared passion within the network. It is a great place to showcase your work and receive critical feedback from peers and established media/film industry professionals. The network has a variety of resources to aid projects in nearly every field, perfect for those who want to take their projects to the next level. This network is ideal for any creatives, regardless of skill level, who are looking to learn and advance their knowledge and skills. We are looking for bright, hard working, ambitious, and passionate individuals who want to help create a community of like minded professionals to learn and share best practices. Together we will collaborate and create meaningful and aspiring work. If this sounds like you, the SuperCine® Network For Emerging Filmmakers is the right place to be. 

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